Dr. Dirk Groenewegen

"New-business development for life sciences, regenerative
medicine and immuno-oncology"

Key facts

  • Business development expert, investors and fund seeker for start-ups and early stage companies in regenerative medicine and cellular immunotherapy.

  • Broad industrial experience as counselor for IP-strategies and valuation, CEO of life science start- up, board director.

  • Living in the Netherlands, working through extended networks in the Benelux, Germany , UK and the US.

  • Creative and results delivering partner for getting you into serious business.

Major Achievements

  • Numerous assignments from industry, academia, governments. Proven track record in generating profits to businesses and concluding successful licenses.

  • Mentoring start-ups from academic initiative into privately funded companies.

  • PO Box 158

  • 3740 AD Bilthoven

  • Netherlands

  • mobile +31 653 19 50 46

  • dirk.groenewegen@icloud.com


  • Successful consultant new-business development in chemistry, agro, food and life sciences (both employed and self-employed).

  • Pleasant and hardworking, dedicated, creative and professional expert, with specific and practical expertise in technology exploitation, IP-valuation and license mediation, setting up businesses.

  • Mastermind behind "famous" license deals.

  • Connector of key players

  • Special focus on translating regenerative medicine and cellular immunotherapy into business .